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We recently replaced CCC with a new simplified Church Directory called ‘Planning Centre People’. It’s very easy to use, have a quick read of the rules and login here.

These sorts of directories are essential for many reasons, but they only work if we all update and share. So please take a few minutes and just check that your and your family is up to date. We also ask that everyone upload a picture too! It really helps people and newcomers with names.


The rules are very simple and common sense:

  1. Only edit your family’s own information.
  2. No information other than your own is to be shared outside of the directory.
  3. Do not contact more than one person at a time, ask the Church Office for permission otherwise (Growth Groups allowed)
  4. Obviously no irrelevant emails or adding emails to any mailing lists without people’s permissions.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Church Directory

It is a private database of people and contact information for the church. Use it to find people or details around the church.
If you haven't set up your account yet, simply watch the video above.

Or if you feel confident, instead of logging in click the 'Need a Password' button, enter an email address you think the Church would have on file, and follow the prompts.
Simply go to the Profile Page where the details are you want to change, and a small pencil icon should be shown nearby - up and to the right. Click on this and you should see how to do so easily.

Please update your own profile and be generous with your information, it is very secure and ONLY for Eltham Baptist Church people..

Please also limit editing to your own family's details.
No information can be accessed at all without being registered by the Church Office.

Only people trusted and associated with our church - people you'd see on a Sunday, and a few people who used to be a part and still have strong ties to the church.

Contact the Church office if you think you should be a part of it, or have concerns. We take them seriously!
If you are a part of EBC please contact the Church Office (below).
If you think you should already be 'on the system' it could be that you're registered on another email address. Try another one, or contact the Church Office.

Otherwise it means you aren't a part of it yet, please contact the Church Office if you would like to join.
The email has a tendency to be captured by junk or spam filters.
Church Office

Church Office