NOTE: 4:12 is from 7:30 sharp to 9:30.

The title for our adult discipleship initiative is inspired by this Bible passage:

“For the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ”
Ephesians 4:12

Every second week we gather for teaching from the introductory level… what is the bible all about, who is Jesus, and what it means to follow him with our whole selves. Our thanks to MST who have partnered with us in this venture!

Register below elective descriptions!

Term 3 Dates:

19 July
2 August
16 August
30 August
13 September


Frequently Asked Questions

Your group will still be running as normal during the alternate weeks, but no groups will be running during the 4:12 weeks.
This is for everyone. Please register and come. It is not group based learning.
If they’re keen to learn, please do!
Registering is very helpful to us, but please come along regardless. We’d much rather see you there!
Its first session is on 24 February.
We recommend bringing a Bible and something to take notes on. You need to bring your Freedom of Christ manual if you are in that elective.
Continue meeting as a group as normal, and choose something to study as you would have normally. The electives of 4:12 don’t need to be continued in your groups. OR you may choose to follow a prayer and share format on the off week that follows a three question format:
  • What have I learnt over the past weeks?
  • What do I feel God is asking me to do or be?
  • How can I be held accountable for that?
If you’re not part of a group, feel free to contact the office for information on how to become a part of one.
That's a tough season to be fed in. We would encourage you to find a babysitter you are comfortable with or swap out with your spouse, doing one semester each.
Freedom in Christ (Elective 1) and The Alpha Course (Elective 3) are capped for logistical reasons. The online form should notify you if the course is full, otherwise you will be contacted and asked to pick from one of the remaining ones.


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