Belgrave Heights Seniors’ Convention

From their website:

As Seniors we have seen a lot of change through our lives and from a Christian perspective not all of these changes have been welcome.  What are we to make of this? How are we to make the most of the vast experience that we have? God hasn’t finished with us just because we reach a particular age or stage of life. Why don’t you join us for a weekend of Bible teaching from our guest speaker Peter Adam, a range of seminars, great food and fellowship.

1.    Engaging as seniors in ministry
2.    Engaging as seniors in mission overseas
3.    Making the most of financial planning
4.    Grandparenting

General Information
We offer a range of registration and accommodation options and you can attend for the day. Accommodation options include the convention Lodge, on-site budget accommodation and camp sites for your caravan (or event tent). Please not that we will not be using top bunks. Meals are provided for those in accommodation and for others who book meals when they pre-register.

See more and register by clicking here. Contact Gayle Kenos for more information.

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